Tuesday, June 24, 2003

this day is so boring....i cant wait to go home...this skool sucks!!!!thank god i have 1 class left so i can get out of this freaken skool!!!i went to da robinsons alone....yep...alone...i look like a loser caz i dont have anyone with me...then i ate lunch alone....i hate it but i cant do anything coz i dont know many people yet....i know some but they have their own life to manage.haaay...im bored...im outa here...

Friday, June 20, 2003

ohh im not able to blog yesterday coz i went to da mall and watch a movie...well its not that good but at lest i have something to do coz i have 4 hours break yesterday...yeah.today is a different day...i dunno why but its like differnt from other days that past by...maybe because its saturday hahah no its not what i mean....maybe becoz we're not wearing uniform today...maybe...whatever basta its different!!!!feraken profs are not around...thank god!!!i hpoe until the semester is over their not here...hahah..jes joking...well i think they're having a meeting or something...well anyway i have to go coz i promised my caus that im gonna research more about meteor garden...yep...its her favourite and she's like hooked on it so much...i dunno....she's taking it seriously....sooo bye peeps!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

oh mi gosh!!! 

thank god its thursday,meaning two more days and no classes again,oh i love sundays soo much,well its only because its the only day that i dont have classes...so moving on...we had this quiz on physics, and i think its not that hard but almost all of my classmates i think is having a hard time answering the quiz... well the quiz is about vectors and conversion and all,the prof had already discussed it,we all had a lecture but still they dont know how to answer it...the funny thing here is our teacher let us open our notes....can u believe that....its a quiz and the prof let us open our notes...he's nuts....i dont know what is he thinking for letting us open our notes.....and i have this classmate who pay the prof to let her pass the subject.....haaay....now i know what kind of student this school has and what kind of school this is....i think i should transfer or else i'll be like those stupid students and know nothing but to pay the professor to pass them...and i dont think i can stay longer in this stupid school.anyway....i think we dont have classes at 1 pm coz i heard someone that they are having a meeting about this SARS thing and the classes are canceled....yeeeheeeyyy!well i hope it's true so i can go early today and can watch meteor garden....the story is cool as in, i dunno but the story caught my attention and its very entertaining...for me, i dunno for you pipol....so this blog is getting longer.....oh mi gosh about my web...ang pangit....well i dunno how to make it cool...im new here kse but dont worry you guys...ill ask my friend how to change the backround and add more stuff here...so i'll blog more next time...see ya!aite!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

im bored!i felt like im a loser coz i spend my long break alone...freaken kse mga tao dito eh, they are all nakakainis...well i dont know if they are the one who are nakakainis or is it me...i dont want to be involve in a group again so mas gusto ko na mag-isa.i miss my friends...sana they are all here..grabehhh..i really regret that i transfered here...nagtitiis na lang ako...five months pa bago matapos ang sem kaya sana mabilis na lang yung mga araw para ok....until then peeps!!!

Monday, June 16, 2003

ohhhh finally ive created a blog!!!i cant really say anything....uhm....im here at this internet shop near the skool actually this is located at the skool..heheh...i had a lot of time so i went here to blog and surf the net, my class will start 1pm pa so i have 45 minutes more..so moving on...ohhh i saw oca kanina...ang saya.. i cant really believe that he transfered here.he's my classmate last sem sa lasalle, we're not really close but im glad there 's someone i know who also transfered in this freaken skool!!!i really hate this skool,i dunno...its not that bad but pipol here feel like this is the best skool that they ever went in to...im not really excited of opening of classes cuz i know the skool that im transfered in is....is.....pangit!!!
im outa here....

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